VA - Down At The Nightclub Vol.3

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Down at the Nightclub's compilation series returns home. On vol. 3 you will find Holland's finest psychedelic, garage, Nederbeat and surf bands currently around. Grumbling guitars? Sixties sitar? Orgasmic organs? Fiery vocals? We have it all on vol. 3. Welcome to Down at the Nightclub! With 11 previously unreleased tracks this album will certainly be a gem in your collection.

1. Sheverine - Checkmate (previously unreleased)
2. Das Audio Combo - Billy (previously unreleased)
3. The Reaction - Stomach
4. Trans Luv Airlines - Gilles De La Tourette (previously unreleased)
5. Trushkadelic vs ET Explore Me - Soulbleed (Trushkadelic remix, previously unreleased)
6. Del-Toros - Solar Morbese (previously unreleased)
1. The Mieters - Blitse Gozer (previously unreleased)
2. The Stangs - I Wanna Be Your Man (previously unreleased)
3. The Monroes - The Lights (previously unreleased)
4. The Phantom Four - Bravado Blue (sitar version, previously unreleased)
5. Alice D. And The Wildflowers - I Wish (previously unreleased)
6. The Pignose Willy's - Working (previously unreleased)
7. Das Audio Combo - Down at the Nightclub (LP bonus song, previously unreleased)


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Product Code 1059
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