Lazy Lane - Sea Witch, 7"Ep

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Quickly after posting their demos, Lazy Lane's streams and downloads totaling over 36,000 rocketed all of their tracks into's top 40 charts... Following all the buzz , Barcelona, Spain's Butterfly Records released a limited edition 7" vinyl that debuted their first EP in July 02. 
Formed by Lily Lane, the band's vocalist/keyboardist, Lazy Lane's lyrics of black roses, fat cats, and sea witches, boiled in the cauldron of her mind. They slowly cooked up a myriad of dark, eerie, spellbinding songs that would haunt the airwaves of internet radio and begin to snowball a devoted cult following around the world. 
Armed with metal-influenced Nathan Ballato on drums, Aaron Richardson on electric bass, and co-founder Greg Ballato wielding guitars & turntables fused with Lily's Synths, unique songwriting and supernatural vocals conjure music that will seize your mind and chill your soul for a psychotic trip though worlds of darkness. 
Emerging from the glowing metal and hard steel of Iron city Pittsburgh PA., Lazy Lane's fresh, ambitious, visionary eyes are set for the groundbreaking of their own brand new edge of music. They are currently preparing their full-length release "the chiLLs", scheduled for release in mid 2003. 
Masters of improvisation and psychedelic mayhem, their carefully crafted light show sets an aura for their music and mesmerizes the audience, while vintage guitars, turntables & synthesizers illustrate Lazy Lane has... No Boundaries.


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Product Code 1102
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