Kidnappers ‎– Ransom Notes & Telephone Calls, CD

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The KIDNAPPERS play trashy, balls-out rock n’ roll that oozes sex, sweat, and bawdy adolescent attitude. And their tunes are, thank God, catchy. Catchy as fuck, in fact! The band’s debut LP is now on the street, and I haven’t heard such an infectious, wildly-thrilling garage album since The HIVES’ last album came out. Hell, these guys are even BETTER than The HIVES! Their lo-fi rock n’ roll onslaught kicks it in the tradition of The RIP OFFS, TEENGENERATE, and LOLI and THE CHONES (whom they cover here). After hearing about 500 mediocre garage releases over the course of the past few years, it’s a true pleasure to finally be floored by a band that totally GETS IT RIGHT! This is sheer genius rock n’ roll---a primitive, melodic basement blitzkrieg played with the joyous, million-miles-an-hour, thrashing exuberance of youth. Singer Beat-It screams like he’s having the time of his life, and every song is a rousing, propulsive firecracker of an anthem that makes me want to jump up and down, dance around my room, shout “Woo!”, and fuck all night! These guys are flat-out incredible: the ferocity of their playing could wake the dead, and lying beneath their raging wall of noise is a remarkable pop sensibility. Just when I was ready to give up on garage punk altogether, this killer trio comes along and completely reenergizes a played-out sub-genre. This LP is just PERFECT! Fuck The WHITE STRIPES. SCREW THE DATSUNS. The KIDNAPPERS ought to be the ones to save rock n’ roll. (JR)


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Product Code O177
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