Groove Farm - Groovy Pharmachy, LP

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The Groove Farm were one of the original ‘Indie-C86 shambling bands.

Never quite fitted in with the indiepop scene, (although being right in the centre of it) their influences came more from bands such as The Barracudas, and ‘Pebbles’ LP’s (60’s garage bands) – they even covered ‘No Friend Of Mine (the Sparkles) on their first 12” single for Subway records.

Money was always an issue and in short supply, and sadly this resulted in many of their records sounding like they’d been recorded on a cheap cassette recorder! 

A move to the then popular Subway Records didn’t help as forced to use bigger studios, but without a sympathetic engineer/producer, it was hard for the band to get across the style and sound they wanted.

Their most popular record came when they returned to Raving Pop Blast! And released the album ‘PLUG’ – a cheaply recorded garage/pop blast that went on to be their biggest seller.

The band had some success in the independent charts, with songs such as the summer-pop Buzzcockian; ‘Surfin’ Into Your Heart’ and the 6 minute ‘Big Black Plastic Explosion’ (A Velvet Underground meets the 13th Floor Elevators fest of screeching guitars and violins!)

In 1990 the band called it a day, and from the ashes, Beatnik Filmstars were born.

In 2018 the band got back together to perform a few shows, and they also recorded some new songs, and re-recorded a few oldies that they were never happy with the first time around.

Those recordings became ‘Groovy Pharmacy’ and original fans of the band have claimed it to be one of their best records. 

Losing none of their speed driven, noise drenched power pop.

And the re-recorded track ‘Back Of My Mind’ has finally taken it’s rightful place as a lost Garage Punk Classic.


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