Bob Urh & The Bare Bones ‎– Swamp O Delic, CD

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1. Intro
2. Iron City Blues (Urh)
3. Ramblin Man / Boom Boom A Zoom Zoom (instro) (H. Williams/Urh)
4. Black Black Widow (Urh) (dedicated to Link N Sid !)
5. Zombie-fied (Urh)
6. There She Is (Urh)
7. The Heart (Urh)
8. Boom Boom A Zoom Zoom (Urh)
9. Dark Punk Maya (Urh)
10. No Desguise (Urh/Ensminger)
11. No Matter What (Urh)
12. The Bones Walk (Urh/Root/McMunn)
13. Ramblin Man (H. Williams)
14. I’m Sick (Urh)
15. The Heart (electric) (Urh)

Excuse me y’all but i gotta introduce my blues. This ones called Swamp-O-Delic & whether it to be considered a solo record or not, one thing fur sure is – it was all recorded and played by me over a 6 month stretch while living in the great Nawlins.


Once in a while I come across a disc I was intended to review but fell through the cracks due to various reasons (work, time constraints, etc). Imagine my surprise when I was organizing some CDs and found this disc – so I put it on. The most recent (to the best of my knowledge) Bob Urh disc is a collection of minimalist bluesy rock and folk featuring mostly straight-ahead guitars and basic, simple percussion though occasionally weaving in elements of noise and psychedelia at moments. The overall feel in these songs builds a sometimes dark album with a crude vibe evoking swamps, zombies, failed relationships, and the like throughout. While Swmp O Delic isn’t a disc that fits easily into one category, this is a listenable, if sometimes unsettling, aural ride. I’m glad I finally found this but I wish I could’ve gotten to this sooner. 


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Product Code 0160
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