About Us

Get That Beat is an online musicstore from Essex United Kingdom.We are specializing in Garage Rock, Power-Pop, Rock n Roll, Punk , Psychedelia and Heavy Rock from the early 60's till nowadays. Our journey started back in 2007 in Greece with the creation of Fuzz Overdose label and record store. After one year break we started operating again as a UK established company, this time with the best of terms.

The Guy behind the scene

Chris Triantis is not a stranger with music business he is the founder of Fuzz Overdose Records and for the last twenty years he has been participated in several Punk and Garage Rock bands such as The Mongrelettes , The Psyckicks , The Teddy Boys From The Crypt and Yuppie Terror.

Chelmsford Essex UK – Our Home

Get That Beat is proud to be located to the birthplace of radio Chelmsford City in Essex United Kingdom , A really peaceful city that can easily wake up your artistic mood Also our county is the home of famous bands such as Uriah Heep, Depeche Mode and Gorillas.We are operating from our warehouse space in Springfield industrial Park


We Are Not Like The common online record stores!!!!
What make us different????We dont do any hype stuff, we dont celebrate record store day,we dont sell to Discogs, we dont even have a so called business plan or target group analysis marketing plan....We dont care if you are a record collector from New York spending huge amounts of money on ebay or Sharkcogs (aka Discogs) or a 17 year old boy from Madrid looking to buy his first Punk Rock LP. All we are interested in is to serve every Rock n Roll fan with really obscure music from the past and nowadays with the best possible ways and values...This is Rock n roll .... This is Get That Beat .

In Get That Beat  we respect diversity and equality we also understand that there are always people in need .


Get That Beat